Moonclock Outing


The Moon Clock will give you the two Excellent and two Good activity periods for every day, but here’s another way of using it to plan future outings:

Let’s suppose you and your family want to take a camping trip sometime in March. You and your son want to do some fishing. Your wife and daughter are avid birders who want to take as many pictures as possible. The first thing to do is consult Doug Hannon’s Moon Clock. By using the Moon Clock to check the activity levels for those weekends you greatly increase your chance of having a successful outing whether it’s to take pictures or catch dinner.

The first Saturday in March for your trip would be the 3rd. By aligning the date with the month along the outer ring of the moon clock and taking a look at the moon phase for that day you can see that the moon will be full and the overall activity level for that weekend will be Good. Checking the weekend of the 10th and the 24th you can see that the activity levels will be lower than the 3rd so you are better off going that first Saturday.moon_closer_mar17

However, Saturday, The 17th is an even better choice than the 3rd. It is within 3 days of the dark moon which means that wildlife activity will be Excellent for that Saturday as well as that Friday & Sunday. Now that you know the weekend to take your vacation, you can find the best times during those days to enjoy your activities.. Excellent times for wildlife activity that Saturday will be between10:45 AM to 12:45 PM. 11 PM Saturday night through 1 AM Sunday morning will be Excellent as well. You will also have Good activity levels from 4:45 AM through 6:15 AM Saturday morning and 5 PM through 6:30 PM evening.